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AJAZZ AG110 USB Gamepad Controller for Nintendo Switch Pro TV XBox Smart Android Phone Tablet PS3 Joystick Gamepad PC Gamer

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Product Description

Product Model:AG110
Product Size:≈150*60*100mm
Product weight:268g
Package size:155*65*110mm
Power supply:USB powered
Platform:PC, NS (Switch)

Wired gamepad

USB Interface 
Double vibration motor
Xbox-like Feel
Holl Sensor

USB Interface Compatible with PC Switch cable TV
3D Joystick Buttons Xbox samespecifications
Cable length 2m Strong anti-interference cable
Similar to Xbox structure Grip adopts non-slipd esign
Built-in left and righ asymmetric motors Vibration  intensity can be adjusted in 4 gears
HOLL Sensor Racing and FPS games are full of experience
Rocker atmosphere lighting Create a better game atmosphere

Plug and play without setting
Compatible with PC / switch, cable / TV and other multi platform connections, it can meet the needs of players to use a variety of devices and easily fight on multiple platforms

The "trigger button" configures the hall sensor for the original Xbox
Excellent hand feel feedback ~ the experience of racing and FPS games is full.
Racing drivers say that it's the feeling of stepping on the oil. Accurately control
the racing accelerator and experience the real pleasure

Real simulation of car crash
Every impact vibration effect makes you immersive! Vibration intensity, 4 gears adjustable for accurate feedback!

The rocker moves and wins step by step
The 3D shake button Xbox is of the same level, with accurate micro operation and long service life.
It can shake 360 ° in a circle to help players complete a series of difficult operations such as
fine adjustment, aiming and head burst. The easy lock makes the design easier

Rocker atmosphere lighting

Xbox classic architecture
Anti slip design is adopted for the left and right grips, with a full grip feeling

Fierce focus on the field without delay
The handle adopts high-quality pure copper core wire, which can wirelessly block
external signal interference, help players get rid of the delay limit and concentrate on the game,

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