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Kaspersky Internet Security 1 PC 1 YEAR EU


EUR 39.99

EUR 22.30 -44%
Platform: PC
Tags: Antivirus & Security
Stock: In Stock
Product Description

Kaspersky Internet Security provides reliable protection for your computer. The application guards your children against online threats, provides protection for your Internet connections, webcam, and online transactions, and helps you update your software and delete unused applications.

When your family's online, you can ensure they're not just connected... they're protected. Award-winning security helps you safeguard your family – and their privacy, money & precious memories – on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad.

SECURITY - Award-winning protection.
PERFORMANCE - Optimized security – that won't slow you down.
SIMPLICITY - Easy-to-manage security – with online access.
PC, MAC & MOBILE - One product is all you need – to protect multiple devices.
PRIVACY - Identity protection & more.
MONEY - Extra security for online banking & shopping.

PARENTAL CONTROL - Protection for kids on PCs & Mac computers.

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Mike Delves 
May. 29, 2020
an easy-to-use interface, and virtually no impact on system performance, Kaspersky does basic virus protection extremely well
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