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  • Best Halloween Costumes That Will Inspire You to Get Creative This Year
    Time: Oct. 17, 2019

    Halloween is an open invitation to dress as anything you want. That freedom, while exciting, can be overwhelming when it comes time to pick out a costume for Halloween parties. If you've been struggling to make a decision about your look this year or simply lost track of time, these last-minute Halloween costume ideas will inspire you to DIY.



    Before you rush to the craft store, take a closer look at what you already own because most of these homemade costume ideas, which range in price, theme, and crafting ability, are simply an elevated version of what you already have hanging in your closet. With minimal effort and materials, you can easily throw together these last-minute looks to bring color, puns, and pop culture to the party. That makes these genius, party-ready picks the best costumes ever, right? Your wallet and Instagram feed vote yes.



    For some people, Halloween means an annual trip to the store to drop a few bucks on a costume that's relevant to pop culture. For others, it's the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side. We scared up some of the best Halloween costumes (DIY and store-bought) to inspire your own trick-or-treating fun. These costumes range from classic icons to the most bizarre, spooky makeup creations we've ever seen, so start practicing your makeup skills ASAP.



    With a green and white shirt, you're just four letters away from one of the best (not to mention, easiest) costumes ever.




    This person at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival took their Xenomorph costume to the next level.




    Heidi Klum's annual Halloween bash is a big Hollywood ticket every year. Back in 2006, she went with a bible-inspired look depicting the temptation of Eve.




    This one is a head-scratcher but also mesmerizing.




    The countdown to October 31 is underway, and you'll now be more ready than ever thanks to these best-ever costume ideas. Whatever your budget or personal style, there's an idea for you (and your significant other or friend group!). Get your creative process started with inspiration from these unique and talented Halloween costume ideas.



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