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  • Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards to Upgrade Your PC Gear In BZfuture Back To School Deal
    Time: Sep. 6, 2022

    If the mouse is the proverbial sword of a gamer, the keyboard is the shield. However, it could be said that a good keyboard is arguably the most essential peripheral to complement your gaming rig.


    To be precise, mechanical keyboards are the way to go for anyone looking to perform well in most competitive games. Mechanical switches actually deliver more accurate shots that can potentially be the deciding factor between winning and losing in these games.


    For beginners, Motospeed keyboards are the most common form of gaming keyboard. Its reduced form offers more space on the desk. This is especially useful for players who like to use wide sweeps when playing and want a little more table space to do so.


    The best gaming keyboards are usually quite expensive for good reason. They are very well built, have the quick response needed for competitive gaming, and use only the best mechanical switches on the market. However, that doesn't mean cheap mechanical keyboards should be ignored. However, if you are setting up a version with limited stickiness, the Motospeed mechanical keyboard may be a viable option that is much better than your normal PC keyboard.


    Esports Gaming Keyboard-Motospeed CK80 Mechanical Keyboards


    Like a small number of peripheral brands, Motospeed continues to perform well in terms of profitability. I am also attracted to their appearance. What is the actual yield?

    In terms of packaging, the main color of the black corrugated cardboard box is combined with red elements that look very dark. The front is the representation and model of the product, and the back is the general introduction to the product information. Package included, keyboard, user manual and key extractor. The manual is very much in English and you should go to the official website for more details.


    The size of the whole keyboard is 465mm * 151mm * 32mm. Although the keyboard is not angular, it is still difficult. It is worth mentioning that the Motospeed ck80 mechanical keyboard key is a hybrid type with black and gray keys. This Motospeed ck80 mechanical keyboard uses China's special upper shaft, which belongs to the shaft body jointly adapted by Motospeed and outem. The shelf life of laboratory tests is more than five tens of millions. The actual feel is pretty good, touch or better.


    Around the corner design, gray metal textured plastic front panel, does not feel so cold. At the bottom edge is the RGB light strip, which can be described as the highlight of the entire keyboard layout. Whether it is brightness, cold grade or adjustable grade, it is very satisfying. Even the light belt around the keyboard can be adjusted without dazzling.


    The cost of building a new or pre-built desktop gaming PC can quickly reach the limits of a set budget, and adding the necessary accessories for a great gaming experience can seem overwhelming. Thanks to the Black Friday Week savings, you can get this  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for just $ 79.3. In addition, it is really durable thanks to a polished aluminum housing.As such, it's one of the most affordable here, which is still great for gamers on a budget.


    So our recommendations below are for the best mechanical gaming keyboards gamers can get their hands on. If you are looking for other gaming peripherals, you can also check out our list of the best gaming headsets. If you're looking for other Back to Shool deals on PC and gaming accessories, be sure to check out our Back to Shool Promotion page.


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