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  • Geometry Assembling Quantum Light - New Fashion Among Young People
    Time: Oct. 12, 2019


    DIY Assembling Quantum Light are a popular option for young people. Upon looking around the smart quantum light market, rising sales proved that it definitely have certain benefits over the traditional lamp except the attractive outlook.



    Smart Quantum Light is a kind of atmosphere lamp that supports random splicing of shapes and arbitrary changes of colors. Quantum energy is a life light to interact with people, traditional lamp cannot bring such creative ways to play. It can be placed on the desktop or used as background wall, ceiling and other decorations. With its functions such as audio discoloration and voice control, quantum lamp gives the lighting system a new intelligent way to play and provides diversified experience for living scenes such as dining and home.



    Here are several feature of smart quantum light

    1. Infinite splicing DIY----you can design by yourself and make a unique decoration anywhere in your room.

    2. 16 Million colors----beatiful and amazing to make your home extraordinary.

    3. Brightness adjustment----easy to adjust the light for the most comfortable situation.

    4. APP control----download an APP and change the light color easily.

    5. Sound & Lights interaction----Support google home & Amazon Alexa to wake up the light and the rhythm of the light can be adjusted automatically according to the music.



    Below is a installation step


    First, put the controller on the light to power the light;

    The installation is easy, rotate the controller and align it with the open state for installation;

    Then you can put them together according to your own idea;

    Use connectors with large spacing when power is needed;

    When fixing pls also pay attention to the double slots of the light;

    The small connector is a fixture that we can use when doing a lot of light splicing.

    After finishing these, download the app and then starting enjoy the smartlife!


    Click here get Smartlight  in video



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