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  • How to choose a satisfactory gaming keyboard?
    Time: May. 10, 2022

    How to choose a satisfactory gaming keyboard?


    With hundreds of keyboards flooding the market, it can be difficult to make an informed decision.

    When it comes to gaming, the right gear like B. Keyboards makes or breaks your experience. This guide will help you make an informed decision about which keyboard is right for you.



    1. Membrane vs mechanical vs dome vs scissor switch

    The first and very fundamental difference between most gaming keyboard models is the difference between membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards.



    For simplicity, membrane keyboards work by passing electrical current through flexible plastic membranes and are usually the first choice for standard desktop keyboards. These models have less bounce than mechanical models and tend to break down much faster than mechanical models when playing.



    Mechanical keyboards are powered by mechanical switches placed under each key, giving them a nice springy recoil, ideal for fast key presses. They are also generally more reliable. While membrane keys are more likely to stick, mechanical switches are sturdier and can withstand more pressure, even as the voltage increases and you start pressing the keys harder.


    Mechanical keyboards are most often advertised as the top keyboard for gamers because the level of customization that comes with them is great for creating devices that work for you.


    Our Mechanical Keyboard Recommendation: Dareu EK871 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



    2. Bring light to enlightenment


    While backlit keyboards don't really illuminate various aspects of gaming, fully RGB models command a hefty price tag for comparable standard keyboards. Backlit keyboards, even monochrome ones, can be helpful when learning to control a new game, especially if you're playing in a dimly lit area.


    3. Connectivity: wired or wireless


    Many keyboards on the market are wired, which tends to limit the freedom you have when customizing a gaming layout. The advantage of a wired keyboard is that you never have to worry about checking the battery level.


    Without strings

    Wireless keyboards offer the benefit of full control over settings, meaning you can further customize your gaming experience.


    4. Keyboard materials: plastic or metal.


    The most common type of plastic used for keyboards is something called ABS plastic. ABS plastic keys tend to take on that shiny, worn look after frequent use, and are more susceptible to knocks, bumps, and normal wear and tear.



    In addition to adding durability, rigidity, and generous weight, metal is a common component for high-end gaming keyboards. While plastic keyboards are great for personal use or travel due to their significantly lighter weight, metal keyboards are great for high-intensity situations because they're built to withstand the fury associated with gaming.

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