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  • The Best Gaming Gear to Step Up Your Skills
    Time: Jan. 6, 2020



    The best gear for gaming is a broad phrase, and in our case today, could mean a number of popular upgrades,

    such as headsets, mice, keyboards, laptops, computers and more.


    Regardless of your specific needs here today, let's get down to what we feel is not only the best gear for gaming

    to upgrade, but our top recommendations for each as well.Who knows, there may be a few picks in here you didn't

    even thought you needed until today.





    Our recommendations for gaming gear upgrades


    When it comes to which gear for your own gaming experience and skills should be upgraded, it will

    ultimately come down to personal preference.We know a few of our friends who are just about professional

    gamers who prefer an old mechanical keyboard and beat up mouse pad;


    however, when it comes to their mouse, headset and overall PC rig, they're constantly on the prowl for the latest

    upgrades. Others we've spoken to can get by with just about any gaming gear as long as it works, while some others

    we knoware consistently trying to get that edge over their opponents in any way possible.





    The best gaming gear



    Gaming Headset: Dareu MIRACLE-EH925






    To kick off our list for the best gaming gear, we have arguably one of the most important parts of not only

    hearing your opponents and teammatesbut communication,which can quite possibly make or break your win

    or loss column. 


    Dareu MIRACLE-EH925  has received thousands of user reviews around the net to back up its reputation.

    Designed for pro gamers as it is specifically used by professional gaming organizations, It's super comfortable

    with some nice and light weight leather memory foam ear cups.


    You're also getting an extra set of velour ear cups in case you'd like to switch them out or you've already warn the previous out.

    The overall design is 'over-ear', which means they'll be engulfing your entire ears to isolate sound and disallow from other ambient

    noise from the outside world in so it doesn't cloud your experience.



    Gaming Mouse: Dareu EM925 




    Now let's talk about another staple-point of gaming gear (if you're on a Mac or PC) that can really up the ante when it comes

    to your overall game flow and precision.As one of the best gaming mice in the world today, Dareu EM925  has come out with a

    highly advanced, custom designed mouse that contains 8 programmable buttons with a versatile feel to it.


    Today gamers play to win the game, therefore it's paramount to have a high-speed mouse that enables you to have the quickest

    access possible.You also have an option to keep it wired or go wireless if you're ever in the mood, a feature that is quite simple

    yet effective in our opinion since what game you play will determine if you're OK with sacrificing some latency in your mouse



    We're ones to always go wired, but if you do use your mouse for work or other computer uses, you can choose between the two




    Gaming Keyboard: MOTOSPEED CK80 



    As we move on to gaming keyboards, it is no secret that  MOTOSPEED are some of the highest quality we've

    seen—it claims you can attain up to 80 million keystrokes with each key (no, we haven't been able to fully test that yet).


    Designed specifically to take your gaming to the next level, this award-winning keyboard operates at ideal speeds

    with optimal responsiveness.It's designed to be used with both PC and Mac and comes with a free USB port to make

    your transition a little bit easier.


    What makes this an addition to the best equipment for gaming is that the keyboard comes with wrist rest features,

    ergonomics that allows the user to play comfortably for endless periods of time and an overall very stable build with

    pro-grade material all around the unit.



    MOTOSPEED CK80 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Dareu MIRACLE-EH925 High Quality Noise Reduction Gaming Headset

    Dareu EM925 Real Gaming Mouse





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