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  • Unexpected data ---- Windows 7's share is up instead of down
    Time: Dec. 7, 2019

    The Windows7 system was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It has been 11 years since its launch. However, Microsoft officials said that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 system on January 14, 2020.  Windows 7 can still be used after the suspension but will unable to get technical support and security updates, which means your PC will be very vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.



    According to statistics, the proportion of 64-bit Windows 10 systems fell 2% last month to 74.23% and the 64-bit Windows 7 system increased 2.43% to 18.47%. Of course, this does not mean that Windows 7 will be recognized by mainstream players again, but statistically speaking not everyone is willing to give up this operating system released in 2009.




    Overall, the market share of Windows increased by 0.26% and reached 96.28% on Steam. On the other hand, Apple's macOS platform fell by 0.22% to 2.92%, while Linux almost stagnated at 0.81%. Windows 7 will receive its last batch of security updates on January 14, 2020, after which the operating system will be officially listed as an unsupported operating system. Business users can purchase paid support from Microsoft for up to 3 years, and the cost will increase year by year.




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