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  • Win10 calculator gets Compact Overlay view to keep Windows always in front
    Time: Aug. 2, 2019

    In march, Microsoft announced open source Windows 10 calculators, which means that Microsoft's decades-old calculator application is completely open to anyone who can contribute code to improve the application and help Microsoft evaluate new features or user interface changes.


    Microsoft introduced the Compact Overlay window for Windows 10 applications when Windows 10 creators were updated.However, this window mode is usually used to play video content, such as Movies & TV or Skype's video chat.There are a lot of users on GitHub asking for calculators to get the same improvements, and it seems that Microsoft is actively improving calculators based on user feedback.



    It's unclear when the feature will be officially available to the public, but it's expected to be tested by members of Windows Insider in the near future.





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