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  • Windows Defender now offers antivirus protection on more than 500 million computers
    Time: Aug. 6, 2019

    Windows Defender comes on Windows 10 as the native antivirus software, and is the core protection module of the more advanced security Hub integrated into the operating system.


    The latest versions of Windows 10 default to a feature called Windows Security, which provides a wealth of Security features such as virus and threat protection, account protection, firewalls, device Security, performance and health, and parental control.



    Windows Defender, soon to be rebranded as Microsoft Defender, Microsoft's antivirus solution has become one of the leading antivirus products, with more than 500 million computers worldwide using Windows Defender as the primary antivirus software, according to Microsoft Data.


    Windows Defender already have over 50% of the Windows ecosystem.As a result, there are more than 500 million computers running Windows Defender as the main antivirus in active mode.And it's growing pretty fast, it's the best it's ever been.


    That, however, is one reason for concern, as more market share leads to more attacks on Windows Defender, which in turn could put more than 500m PCS at risk.


    Windows Defender is now one of the world's leading anti-virus products, according to a study by security researchers at the av-test institute in Germany.


    The latest antivirus tests performed by the av-test show that Windows Defender performs similarly to products from leading security vendors like Kaspersky and Symantec. Specifically, Windows Defender earned 18 out of six points on three separate tests on protection, performance and usability.


    Besides Windows Defender, Kaspersky Internet Security and Symantec Norton Security earned the highest score of 18 points.


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