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  • 3 elements you need for total privacy online
    Time: Jun. 27, 2019

    Cybersecurity is the new frontier. In the digital age, which is becoming more futuristic every day, the protection of your personal information is essential for your financial and personal security. The devices you use most often, such as laptops and mobile phones, are the ones that need protection the most.

    Here are three things to help you protect your information online and keep your privacy private. They can be used in cell phones, laptops and other devices to personalize your digital life.

    1. Norton Security Deluxe 5 PC 1 Year PKC BIL Key

    As a bestseller of Norton Security, it has the best security software. The information panel provides statistics about the activity of Norton Security on your computer, whether it's a phone, desktop or other device you want to protect. Norton Deluxe provides quick reviews, saves connections and cleans files without sacrificing comfort and attention to detail.

    2. Webroot Internet Security Plus with antivirus protection.

    Webroot Protection is one of the main antivirus programs and easy to install. It has many functions, including the LastPass function, which encrypts, creates and stores all your passwords. To protect this confidential information, Webroot VPN works wherever you are and on your device, from your home to a coffee shop. Equipped with 25 GB of secure storage, your files are safe and optimized. Webroot System Optimizer removes unnecessary files to keep your computer running fast. Cloud protection that helps you move better.

    3. NordVPN Internet Security and privacy software

    NordVPN is equipped with the usual VPN features and is called "military" with the simple installation of commercial software. It protects your data by encrypting it and hiding it from hackers and other external monitors. It even protects your browsing history, so your broadband provider can never use your browsing history.

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