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  • A brief look at the Motospeed V70 in three ways
    Time: Aug. 26, 2019

    Motospeed is a brand known for its low cost and its designs that really lack RGB LED.


    Until early 2018, no mouse could be classified in the "high-end" category in Motospeed, because all the mice used input sensors or were behind them. This has changed with the Motospeed V70 and the use of the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor.



    For a mouse to truly classify itself as a high-end mouse, it must use the best of the best in all its concepts, components and functions, which Motospeed has not yet done.

    External installation



    Unlike the V20 and V60 versions, Motospeed V70 gaming mouse is not an outstanding copy of another mouse design.



    Weighing 108 grams (without cable), the Motospeed V70 is a slightly "heavy" mouse. Most of this weight is directed backwards, as it adds an internal cable that adds weight.



    The Motospeed V70 is thickly constructed and has a matte plastic housing without additional fairing. As usual in Motospeed mice, the V70 has a Teflon protective plastic film that must be removed before use.

    Internal construction



    Internal construction is primarily responsible for the durability of a mouse. If high quality components are used, we can say that the mouse is designed for a long life. When low quality components are used, mouse expectations are not good.



    The displacement encoders of the F switch are not known for their durability and the analysis mouse itself has some inconsistent drag and noise problems that cause this displacement, especially upward, where the displacement sometimes makes a loud noise.




    The Motospeed V70 Mechanical Gaming Mouse uses the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor, which, a few months ago, was the best sensor available in the market, excluding patented sensors of some brands.



    The Pixart PMW 3389 sensor is now available for commercial use, but the 3360 is still one of the best on the market.



    Initially, all tests were performed on a printed Rise M4A1 mouse pad with a quality level similar to that of Razer Goliathus Speed.



    A perfect result, due to the high polling rate, it is normal for the data to be slightly different. The important thing is that the average is stable, what it really is.


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