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  • A new AutoFull gaming chair is inspired by a Basketball
    Time: Sep. 11, 2019

    The AutoFull gaming chair series is an interesting breed. We haven't seen many, but it seems that people like them. His last gaming chair pays tribute to the basketball player Gordon Hayward. Gordon is a star player in the NBA and also enjoys electronic sports. So here we are with the new gaming chair.

    The chair is mainly black, with some pretty red and blue around the design. The ergonomic design is similar to the previous AutoFull gaming seats. The main difference is basketball with a silhouette of Gordon Hayward and his initials. Next, we have a small drawing that looks like half of a basketball court.

    The seat cover is made of high quality cow leather, which does not get wet during prolonged use. The same layer of cowhide is worn on the back. The chair is filled with 45D high density cotton for a feeling of comfort and softness. High density cotton also guarantees a scientific distribution of pressure on the hips. The floor is made of very resistant nylon with five claws and its load capacity is up to 1136 kg.

    Overall, it seems like a pretty good quality chair. This chair is a great choice both in terms of quality and appearance.

    This chair: AutoFull AF064BPU Gaming Chair is now available for purchase in bzfuture. Priced at 359.99eur, this is a beautiful price. A best gaming chair with High quality and low price that you deserve.

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