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  • A review of Motospeed K87S RGB Mechanical Keyboard
    Time: Sep. 16, 2019

    Motospeed K87S RGB is an alternative to gamer-specific mechanical keyboards.

    The Motospeed K87S gaming keyboard is a high-performance keyboard with custom options, separate RGB colors at the top and bottom, USB plug-and-play, and multimedia shortcuts to choose from.

    The manual comes first in the box. Installation is also very convenient.

    The white keys of the keyboard are quite compact and take up little space, on the contrary, they are quite heavy. The basement contains an aluminum plate. TKL is not the right part, but it is fine and works well.

    Thanks to the mechanical switches of OUTEMU, the price is still affordable. Special red version of the game. The blue version provided with us is suitable for both games and spelling. The keys have a high pitch and a tactical structure. It is very easy to remove and install the covers.

    The ABS plastic on the bottom is transparent and allows the light to shine. The best part is that basic lighting and buttons can be set or disabled individually. There are big rubber feet on the soles and that does not slip. Folding feet offer only one height option. They also have non-slip rubber coatings.

    The ergonomic structure is valid and the keyboard is concave. It should be noted that the keys of the key are separated from each other.

    The cable connection is stable and offers a response time of 1 ms. You can use the rollover of the N key to simultaneously press several keys.

    The 180 cm long cable has no special coating. The USB socket can be connected and used. No drivers or software are required. It can receive RGB lighting energy from a single port.

    At this point, the gaming keyboard keys and floor lights are active. Each key can be independently selected in a different color. There are many effects, such as breathing, where only the special keys of the game, the rainbow, the waves and the current of the series are shown. The brightness and transition speed in the effects can be adjusted.

    Other benefits include the ability to disable the Windows key during the game and swap the WASD game and arrow keys. This keyboard is priced at EUR 54.99, it's now available on

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