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  • Antivirus Plus and Total Protection: Which McAfee product should you buy?
    Time: Aug. 14, 2019

    McAfee Antivirus 1 PC 1 YEAR Global and Total Protection got perfect results because they stopped malicious files before downloading and infecting my test computers.

    During the tests, both McAfee programs stopped all malicious files I downloaded before the download was completed. His warnings came when they stopped all threats and gave me details of what had stopped.

    McAfee has published similar information, as it prevented me from accessing known websites to contain malicious links and phishing schemes. McAfee details include the type of malware on the site. Part of my test was to search for dangerous websites that use search engines.

    The McAfee Safe Browsing feature has reported websites that contain malicious links or phishing schemes. McAfee AntiVirus Plus and Total Protection Safe Browsing include anti-tracking features that allow cookies and other online tracking tools to track browser history information.

    Everyone knows that McAfee has significantly delayed the testing of antivirus programs in the last four years. I saw it firsthand during my first years of testing. McAfee, however, has been working hard to correct this error and over the past year I have seen significant changes in the amount of IT resources used.

    I recommend McAfee AntiVirus Plus if your budget is limited. Stops malware before dangerous websites are completely downloaded and tagged. It blocks phishing methods and prevents Internet crawlers and cookies from tracking and recording the progress of your browser. This is the best solution if you count a few cents and do not need additional protection tools.

    McAfee Total Protection is the first choice of Windows 10 antivirus programs for maximum computer protection. In addition to blocking malware and providing secure browser tools, this program has a firewall and vulnerability scanner. It also has parental controls, a password manager and a single encrypted currency monitor. These tools ensure that your computer is not infected and create a safe environment for your computer.

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