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  • AOMEI Partition Assistant – Your complete Disk Management Assistant
    Time: Sep. 21, 2020

    Disk Management - This term is enough to distract or annoy any tech savvy or even any PC user. Partitioning your hard drive or SSD can seem like a very tedious task that can be time consuming.


    Microsoft Windows has its own disk management system, but frankly, it is out of date. Here's the need for partition support software.


    Speaking of AOMEI Partition Wizard, as its name suggests, it turns out to be the perfect destination for those who want to manage their hard drives properly and effortlessly.


    AOMEI 8.0 Partition Wizard
    AOMEI Partition Assistant includes more than 30 valuable features that can troubleshoot "low space" issues, fix irrational hard drive partitioning problems, and re-partition hard drive without data loss.


    In short, you can handle your hard drives and partitions in the most reasonable conditions. Also, you can migrate OS to SSD, copy HDD to other HDD / SSD, convert HDD between MBR and GPT, etc.


    Let's analyze the features that the software offers:
    Multiple Partition Manager: Resize / Move / Create / Delete / Format / Split / Align / Merge Partitions, etc.


    Multiple Partition Wizard: Extend Partition Wizard, Copy Disk Wizard, Copy Partition Wizard, Restore Partition Wizard, Create Bootable CD Wizard, etc.


    Additional functions: migrate the operating system to SSD or HDD, delete the hard disk, recreate MBR, create Windows to Go Creator, integrate it into the recovery environment, etc.


    AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a Windows hard disk manager that enables you to manage storage space with high efficiency. It's not only easy to keep your growing data well organized in limited space.


    Besides, it has advanced features: migrate OS to SSD / HDD, format / erase / erase hard drive, recover lost partitions, 4K SSD alignment, etc.


    The Review:
    After installing the software for the first time, I noticed that the user interface looks outdated, but yes, it is smooth and light. But now it has been fixed in version 8.0. The wizard functions are interesting and unique. The wizard interface makes it easy for users to get things done if they are not professionals in this field.


    Basic partition functions such as resize partition, move partition, create partition, delete partition, format partition, verify partition, change drive letter, change label are very helpful for those who They cannot not go through the tedious process of performing the same tasks through Microsoft's own tools.


    Other basic functions like merge partitions, copy partition, copy hard drive, delete partition, clean hard drive, rebuild MBR work like a charm and are very simple and easy to use. All these functions are available in all versions of AOMEI Partition Assistant.


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