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  • AutoFull Gaming Chair Has Sports Car Concept Design
    Time: Nov. 27, 2019

    Recently, China officially recognized electronic sports as a profession. As in other professions, there are essential accessories for comfort. The gaming industry is no exception, with keyboards, mice and even comfortable gaming chairs. Bzfuture has obtained an Autofull license now, you can more easily buy the gaming chair you want on bzfuture's website.

    The leather chair is inspired by the design of sports seats. The shape of the sports car grill with a long side arch and an ergonomic design concept provides a comfortable seating position for players to get better.

    The seat cover is made of high quality cow leather, which does not get wet with prolonged use. The same layer of cowhide is worn on the back. The chair is upholstered with 45D high density cotton for a comfortable fit. Comfort to the touch High density cotton also ensures a scientifically distributed pressure on the hips and prevents the seat cushion from collapsing during prolonged use.

    In addition, the Autofull gaming chair features a 4D E-Sport professional armrest. The backrest can be adjusted in the same way as a sports car seat, that is, front and rear. The height can also be moved up and down. There are also low-noise rolls wrapped in soft PU that make it easy to move the seat without leaving scratches on the floor.

    For getting the best gaming experience, the eSports gaming chair must be your indispensable equipment. If you want to buy autofull gaming chair, Bzfuture is your best choice.

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