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  • AutoFull Gaming Chair is more than A Chair!
    Time: Sep. 6, 2019

    AutoFull line of gaming chairs are an interesting breed. We haven’t seen a lot of them, but so far it seems people like them fine enough.

    When we first came into contact with Autofull, the first impression of autofull was just the gaming chair. However, when we delved into it, the prospect of the game chair made me feel unique.

    The following article will give you a better introduction to the Autofull gaming chair, and will present you a different Autofull gaming chair.

    1. First Impressions

    As mentioned above, when we first saw the Autofull gaming chair, our idea was: just a chair, nothing more.

    2. Design

    It may not be so different from most other performance gaming chairs, but the AutoFull system still retains a bold design. Its "spider" appearance and striking colors would be perfect for the NASCAR track or a Dethklok episode that contrasts strangely with the ergonomic curvature and breathable mesh design of its back.

    The AutoFull can also be tilted up to 170 degrees and has one of the smoothest 360 degree turns of any chair I've sat on.

    3. Setup

    AutoFull comes with a brochure with instructions and easy to follow images. The only drawback is that they clearly have not been written by an English speaker. However, it should not be difficult to install the chair.

    Unfortunately, the AutoFull presents some of the same problems as the Techni Sport TS-5000 in terms of the base of the chair cushion frame, mainly because some of the bolt anchors needed to support them are hidden or hard to find.

    4. Performance

    In terms of comfort, the AutoFull is a kind of mixed bag. I probably didn't need many hours to break a chair like that, but my first discovery is that it's a bit stiff. The lumbar cushion and the headrest provide a pleasant touch, as does the AutoFull depth adjustment function.

    Does it stand out from most gaming chairs? I really can't say it, but it's certainly more comfortable and vibrant than an average office chair, this is the only thing I can determine.

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