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  • AutoFull Gaming table - Sakura Guardian improves your gaming experience!
    Time: Oct. 17, 2019

    I can't imagine a professional gamer who never had an ideal gaming table, whether it's the ideal size or height. A truly powerful multi-function gaming table, it should be able to meet the needs of players in all aspects, such as size, height, equipment, performance and so on.

    Bzfuture has released a new game table named AutoFull Sakura Guardian, which designed for gamers. It's a gaming table that gets the job done and looks great while doing it. A table that is built to your exact needs. The perfect size for your room and the games you play. The style, finish, and color that match your personality. And the accessories and options that you will actually use. A dedicated desk not only just for your games, but also for your work, or even study.

    Autofull gaming table features and function:
    * Seven-color led lighting with exquisite touch controller
    * K-shaped carbon steel table legs bring stable support
    * Large anti-drop tabletop with E1 level environmental protection standard
    * Smart wireless charging, charging at any time
    * Autofull Mouse Pad

    * Thickened PU Decorative Cloth

    AutoFull, a worldwide well-known gaming chair brand, has been official sponsor to 28 international pro teams including RNG, NewBee, 4AM, 17 and more. We are also authorized official sponsor for International pro leagues including WCA,LPL, MDI, WCS, MDL and CSGO minor. AutoFull has been highly praised among worldwide pro teams in various top gaming pro leagues, and has won great popularity in the global market. Autofull Definitely worth your trust!

    Bzfuture offers you this gaming table with free shipping. Purchase on bzfuture and enjoy the big deal.

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