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  • Avira and TP-Link Establish a Partnership to Maintain Security Together
    Time: Dec. 28, 2019

    Avira and TP-Link have announced a new partnership in which the security company will integrate its SafeThings security solution into the Wi-Fi routers of the network company.

    The acceptance of smart devices has increased dramatically in recent years, and experts expect it to increase from 7 billion in 2018 to 21.5 billion in 2025. As the number of smart devices in homes As users increase, they also increase the potential privacy risks that cybercriminals expect. Use smart devices without encryption or use standard passwords.

    For this reason, Avira and TP-Link have joined forces to provide comprehensive protection to all devices connected to the Internet in consumer homes, including smart TVs, smart thermostats and all other IoT devices connected to their home networks and normally They cannot use their own security software.

    As part of this new partnership, the selected TP-Link routers will now include a complete security solution for home networks, which is compatible with Avira SafeThings and protects all devices connected to a network with data protection, malware and DDoS functions, etc.

    Avira SafeThings uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect anomalies in the behavior of smart devices. In this way, the security solution can intercept cyber attacks, unauthorized remote access, malware and other cyber threats.

    Users have a complete overview of all connected devices through a mobile application, which makes them more secure.

    TP-Link and Avira will continue to work together to improve the security of Wi-Fi routers, and their joint initiative will provide service providers worldwide with the opportunity to add new value-added cybersecurity services to secure their infrastructure and increase customer loyalty.

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