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  • Avira Antivirus Pro 2019: Solid performance
    Time: Jul. 16, 2019

    Avira Antivirus Pro is back with an updated version for 2019, which promises to consume a smaller part of your hard drive and improve the overall performance of your computer, because fewer virus definition files will consume memory.

    Antivirus Pro costs 36 USD for a single device for new users, the standard price is 48 USD. You pay $57 for five devices, the standard price is $72. That's good, but you can get much more value from premium suites like McAfee and Norton, which cost around $100 for 10 devices.

    If you are looking for extras for a premium AV suite, Avira Prime Avira All-Access is exactly what you are looking for. Includes Antivirus Pro, identity protection, system optimizer, third-party software updates, password manager and VPN.

    These are many specialties that greatly increase the price. As for the base product Avira Antivirus Pro 2019, little has changed. Start with a panel that shows all the Avira components installed in your system. Other rooms that are part of Avira Prime Suite can be installed. In this case, we want to open Antivirus Pro.

    Once we arrive at the A/V program, we are greeted with the current status of our machine shown above with the default green theme for security and red for problems. The left panel has five menu options: Status, Analyze, Module, Quarantine and Activity.

    Status shows the active protection functions in Antivirus Pro and its status. There is also a button to perform a quick scan that occupies a large part of the window and a message informing you of the date of the last scan. In general, this area is the same as last year. Visually, the graphics are slightly different, the color tones are deeper and the scan button is now green instead of white.

    A key difference is that the firewall icon disappears and is replaced by Ransomware Protection. If you click on the new option, you can not enable or disable this feature. However, it is more reassuring for users to see that ransomware is such a big problem these days.

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