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  • Avira Antivirus Pro can protect your computer
    Time: Oct. 12, 2020

    We rate Avira Antivirus Pro as one of the best antivirus software due to its balanced premium features and affordable price. Today's deal makes it worth it even better. We also find it very easy to use, with minimal use of your PC resources.


    What can Avira do for you? For starters, it offers a lot of protection. You can block online threats and evaluate websites for malicious and keep you safe when you don't even realize you need protection. It also protects your system against ransomware and spyware. There's even fraud protection designed to monitor social media phishing attacks, including the latest COVID-19-related fraud cases.


    If you have installed malware before, Avira can clean and repair corrupted files or applications and remove malware that puts them at risk. Additionally, Avira can scan email attachments for viruses and other malware to avoid problems next time, alert you to links that could lead to fraud or phishing attempts, etc. Email intelligence works great with Outlook, Gmail, and the most popular clients.


    Other notable features of Avira Antivirus Pro include the ability to scan downloads, including media such as music or photos, and block attacks on your personal information, such as credit cards or bank details. You can also configure your own firewalls to block access to sensitive areas of your network, block ads, and disable trackers. For $ 10 a year, you can get a fairly comprehensive suite of privacy and security tools, although that deal doesn't last long.


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