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  • Avira Internet Security Suite Review
    Time: Feb. 12, 2020

    Avira Internet Security is back in the security business with a second major review in recent years of its flagship antivirus program and paid updates.

    Everything sounds good and Avira has even eliminated her annoying pop-up in the free version. However, some aggressive components of these functions made us pause while using the suite.

    Entering Avira has never been so easy and you can always install it with just two clicks. The company claims to have developed the installation in two clicks as part of its "less is more" strategy, which offers the same level of protection as before with little effort. Of course, this is a tacit recognition of previous problems.

    In any case, the installation is the simplest of the most important free security suites. The two-click process automatically detects the security components of the competition and removes them. So be careful if you think that running two overlapping AVs will make you safer.

    However, it is so aggressive that sometimes the program cannot be installed correctly. A conflict between Avira and a security suite that was previously installed on our test computer and left half a dozen registry keys blocked the computer and caused a "blue screen of death" on a computer in another stable location. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if it's Avira's fault or the previous security suite. No one wants to face a BSOD when installing a program, and most blame the new software.

    Another click will take you through the toolbar and search engine redirection, but Avira is at least courteous: it is an acceptance experience, not an exclusion experience. The screen on the toolbar itself is a bit confusing: it is the WebGuard feature of Avira, which is provided by an search engine, which is part of the toolbar.

    At the end of the installation process, Avira starts a quick scan. On our test computer, the suite took approximately 1 minute and 43 seconds to be ready for use.

    Avira has also changed other parts of the suite. The virus definition file and the protection module now look for updates every six hours instead of once a day. Premium Avira performs the same control every two hours. There is also an Android application that provides anti-theft and device tracking features. Unlike free and paid competitors, the Avira Android app does not have a security engine. Basically, it doesn't protect you from Android malware.

    The most important security functions of Avira are preserved. The scanner looks for viruses, Trojans, rootkits and adware. There is a generic threat removal engine, but Avira, like many security suites, is much better able to protect it from threats than it already has.

    The engine that runs the analyzes protects your default host file, and resource consumption remains low after last year's update. When a problem is detected, a repair button appears with a click at the top of the status window. Click on it and even if the solution is as simple as reactivating a disabled module, the program will do it for you.

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