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  • Best Antivirus on the Market: Bitdefender or Norton?
    Time: Jun. 3, 2019

    Effective and reliable antivirus protection on your device is very important. And we are sure that you have asked this question many times: which is the best: Bitdefender or Norton Security? We have both compared, although we see in the graphs that Bitdefender is at the top of the list and that Norton is in second place. Let's see what we can offer both antivirus.

    1. Better protection

    To determine which offers better protection, we perform audiovisual tests and comparisons. The result was that both antivirus programs were active. For protection, performance and ease of use, Norton scored 6 points and Bitdefender scored 5.5 points.

    2. Will you choose the one that works best on your computer?

    In order for an antivirus program to work properly on your device, you must know that the performance of your computer is at stake. The test shows that Norton got a rating of 6 out of 6 and Bitdefender 5.5 out of 6. But again On both occasions, both antivirus programs are good to use.

    3. A simple application

    Having an application or program that works well and has a reasonable price does not mean that is it. Norton and Bitdefender have a secure platform.

    Both antivirus programs are very good, safe and easy to use. Therefore, it is up to you to choose Norton Security or Bitdefender, even if the last program is at the top of the list and Norton is second. By adding many modifications to the programs, you can use both programs.

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