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  • Bitdefender expands partner opportunities through the MSP program
    Time: May. 20, 2019

    Bitdefender Antivirus, the world leader in cybersecurity that protects more than 500 million systems in 150 countries, has announced the addition of new components to its MSP partnership program. The update of the program, which helps service providers and resellers to expand their business, expand their services and simplify their operational aspects, is part of Bitdefender's consolidated global growth strategy.


    The Bitdefender program rewards experience and specializations and allows you to increase your income and profits. This new partnership structure provides a competitive advantage for medical service providers, who are increasingly being asked to address cybersecurity issues. The revised MSP program offers well-structured incentives, opportunities to increase profitability and accelerated return on investment.



    Bitdefender MSP has a tiered architecture that allows MSPs to have different access to marketing development funds, dedicated commercial and operational support, and access to Bitdefender account technical managers. In the context of a constantly evolving threat landscape, MSPs joining the new program will also benefit from Bitdefender's endpoint security solution to protect their own infrastructure.



    The revised Bitdefender MSP program will be added to the Bitdefender PAN resale program along with the integrated channel program to meet the needs of resellers with recently introduced managed services.


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