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  • BullGuard Internet Security Review
    Time: Feb. 13, 2020

    BullGuard, based in London, is an experienced security company that has been developing antivirus software for end users since 2002.

    The 2020 series begins with BullGuard Antivirus, a Windows-based product with real-time antivirus protection, malicious URL filtering and, surprisingly, improved performance for demanding games and other full-screen applications.

    BullGuard Internet Security 2020 offers a firewall, parental controls, integrated cloud backup and basic PC optimization. There are versions for Windows, Android and Mac.

    BullGuard Premium Protection includes a home network scanner, while a comprehensive identity protection service detects the unauthorized use of your emails, phone numbers, credit card details, passports, bank accounts and even more.

    All BullGuard 2020 editions include a new machine learning technology that, according to the company, improves the detection of zero-day threats without compromising IT resources and does not require an Internet connection.

    BullGuard VPN can also be started from the user interface if you have a license to use it. Unlike Kaspersky, Bitdefender and others, BullGuard does not have a limited free version of its VPN, and although a 7-day trial version is available, you must already be a BullGuard customer to receive it.

    Internet security and premium protection in BullGuard 2020 are an important addition to the new secure browser, a customized version of Chromium that uses multiple layers of security to keep it safe online. For example, forced HTTPS connections and the use of Cloudflare encrypted DNS over HTTPS prevent others from spying on your navigation. Malicious URLs are blocked, site certificates are verified and your Internet history is encrypted to protect against spyware.

    BullGuard Internet Security is offered at a relatively low price of $ 60 for a one-year subscription to three devices. There is no launch discount on the website, so competitors may sometimes seem cheaper, but generally they will win in the long run. The corresponding Bitdefender Internet security suite, for example, costs $ 40 during the first year, but is renewed for $ 80.

    You can save even more money by adding devices and years. For example, a three-year license for ten devices costs only $ 282 or $ 9.40 per device per year.

    With a 30-day trial, you can quickly and easily find out if this is the right antivirus for you. That should be enough, but even if you have problems later, it is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.