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  • BullGuard: The Fastest Anti-Virus Solution For PC Gamer
    Time: May. 27, 2019

    BullGuard, the awarded company cybersecurity consumer has proven to be the fastest gaming computer antivirus solution, according to tests conducted by Chillblast, an award-winning maker of personal computers, desktop and laptop computers.

    BullGuard is a leader in consumer cybersecurity. We facilitate the protection of everything in your digital life, from your data to your identity to your smart home. The BullGuard product portfolio extends to PC, Mac, and tablets and smartphones for Android. It includes Internet security, comprehensive mobile security and identity protection all the time. BullGuard has launched the world's first IoT vulnerability scanner and is a leader in consumer cyber security for its continuous innovation.

    BullGuard not only reduces the impact of antivirus protection on your games, it also increases your speed. BullGuard AV solutions have not only obtained a comparative performance based on 3DMark and F1 2017, but also offer better performance frame rate that Windows computers without AV software. Game Booster Powered by patent-pending BullGuard optimizes CPU performance for smoother at a rate faster frame without delaying the game.

    BullGuard Game Booster automatically detects the user's game sessions and transfers the user and system processes to one or two processor cores. The rest of the CPU cores remain for the game, which completely eliminates the random peaks that negatively affect the user experience.

    BullGuard Dojo is a system and service intelligent awarded cyber defense that gives consumers the highest possible level of protection across all connected devices and smart homes. Dojo is the cornerstone of a smart home that guarantees a connected world in which every consumer in every home is smart, safe and protected.

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