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  • Dareu EM928 Gaming Mouse - With the Highest Power
    Time: Dec. 17, 2019

    DareU, a name that has so far created its own appeal. Thanks to its high performance but at a very reasonable price.

    Like many other Gaming Gear brands, DareU has been successful, but that does not mean they will stop and appreciate the results too soon. And investing in two new mice for games called Dareu A918 and EM928 will surely make you admire the incredible performance of these two mice.

    Dareu EM928 E-sport Wired Gaming Mouse has a design very similar to the design of the Zowie FK2, sometimes up to 90%. To be more careful, Vikings Techstore used the new FK2 and the DareU EM928, as well as the original FK2 version with the old yellow Zowie logo.

    As you can see, the design of the three mice is exactly the same, or more specifically, DareU is very similar to that of FK2, but has introduced some improvements that make the gaming experience more versatile and better.

    The first innovation is directly in the external mouse housing. By separating the mouse contact housing from the mouse housing, the button becomes softer and bounce increases.

    Then, the right button area of ​​DareU in the side button area was removed to return to the Confession design, but only for right-handed users. Depending on the typist's habit, this improves comfort and avoids unnecessarily pressing the wrong extra key.

    A well-known improvement of the economic and powerful brands of gaming equipment is the incorporation of the RGB LED system. With this LED-RGB system, the external mouse offers a good game design that shines in your game corner and creates a much more interesting highlight.

    And finally, an improvement does not come from the outside, but from the inside. The DareU EM928 is currently equipped with the most accurate eye sensor in the world. This is the famous Pixart Eye 3389 used for the Razer Deathadder Elite. This is the updated and optimized version of Pixart 3360.

    Thanks to the experience with the CSGO and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare games, there is nothing to complain about the accuracy of the DareU EM928. Absolute precision is undeniable, because the power of Pixart 3389, combined with the lightweight and extremely scientific design inspired by the Zowie FK2, was a big surprise. If it's only cheap, then put what is the most beautiful and powerful basic gaming mouse.

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