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  • Do you know Motospeed K27 Single-handed Mechanical Keyboard?
    Time: Sep. 9, 2019

    The Motospeed K27 is a full-size medium-sized mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. This makes it a good gaming device, not only for RGB enthusiasts, but also for game enthusiasts.

    However, when you think of a computer game, you generally don't think of using a keyboard with one hand. While many games require the complete set of keys, many others require only a few selected keys. Motospeed has developed a single-handed keyboard that can generate significant traction.

    When you connect the Motospeed K27, you will notice the one that many keyboard enthusiasts like: RGB lighting. RGB lighting is generally good and makes the keyboard really exceptional, but when you walk away, you will get a very responsive gaming device. With blue mechanical switches and a response time of 0.1 milliseconds, this is reflected in your game.

    RGB lighting is a friend of most players who want to display their game equipment when they play or play alone with their family. The Motospeed K27 has nine preprogrammed RGB lighting configurations that are easy to classify.

    The Motospeed K27 keyboard features blue mechanical switches that give a clean feeling when pressed with a strong click. Since the reaction speed is very low, it is not necessary to press the switch all the way down, but it is still very fast, as if you had pressed it completely. You will notice a big change in your game if you use this keyboard if you are a typist.

    Motospeed has developed a one-hand keyboard with a fairly standard QWERTZ configuration, minus a few keystrokes. First, you will find that this is a fairly simple design. It has the entire left side of a normal keyboard without the F keys. This setting is suitable for some games without having to connect the buttons. However, with some shooters or an MMO, you must link the keys of a game to match those on the keyboard. If you want to use it along with your usual keyboard, you don't have to worry so much about it.

    The keys, like most keyboards, are made of ABS plastic, so there is nothing new. The labels and icons on the keys differ slightly from the standard keyboard. This is indicated by the Q and # 2 keys with the @ symbol. In addition to these few elements, the keys are quite explicit, but they feel good.

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