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  • Edifier G4 Gaming Headset - One of the best budget gaming headset to get
    Time: Jan. 9, 2020

    Gaming headsets are not cheap at all because they have to provide the best possible sounds for an intense gaming experience, and most players who are children probably won't have enough money to do so. Don't worry, Edifier has something reserved for you: Edifier G4(V4) 7.1 Surround Sound LED Gaming Headset cost only $54.53 and is now available at

    How to make gaming headsets with cheaper price? Cheap plastic? This seems to be the case with the G4, but at least it is beautiful and well polished, especially with headset. The cushions on the headsets and the top are also very comfortable and the cable is quite long at 2.5 meters. The good thing about headsets is that the headsets turn on as soon as you connect the USB cable to your laptop or desktop.

    The Edifier G4 Gaming Headset not only has a built-in sound card and a virtual 7.1 sound, but it can also be "customized" in Edifier's own software, which you can download here for simulation sound effects of the environment, equalization settings, sound effects microphone, etc.

    The user interface of the cable controller is very interesting. In addition to the standard volume control, there is also a vibration effect switch right next to the microphone switch. As the name implies, the vibration effect switch causes additional vibration in the headsets, and you may even feel that you add more "blow" of bass at the same time, which completes the vibration. Sounds like a niche feature, but in reality it is very suitable for games, especially war games for the atmosphere.

    So yes, the G4 is good enough to play. First person shooter, real time strategy, MOBA games, etc. Similar to high-end gaming headsets, the G4 works well with the vibration effect and gives you the feeling of being in the moment.

    To add to this, I recommend that you do not use the G4 with the vibration effect for too long, otherwise you may wear it out.

    The Edifer G4 costs $54.53 and is worth buying, especially for games when the budget is tight. However, the editor should do more with its sound customization software. In any case, BZFuture is recommended if you want to get headsets for even cheaper games.

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