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  • Edifier MP120 – One Solid Bass-licious Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Time: Sep. 23, 2020

    You may have seen the Xiaomi bluetooth speaker that has sold very well in China and Malaysia with famous quality and of course affordable price.


    Edifier has one that offers even better build quality, solid audio quality, long battery life, and an affordable price. Inter-Asia sent us the latest Edifier MP120, a portable metal Bluetooth V5.0 speaker.


    Speaker packaging is pretty straightforward. It only contains documentation, an Edifier MP120 bluetooth speaker, and a reasonable length micro USB cable. Unfortunately, there is no bag or case in the box.


    The Edifier MP120 Outer is completely made of metal, including the side where the connectors are placed. Thanks to CNC machining, the edges are smooth and fit perfectly. It feels very solid and looks top-notch.



    The portable speaker has a minimalist design with an Edifier branding on the top left and a simple logo on the back. The matte dark gray color goes quite well with MacBook or iPhone / iPad in Space Gray.


    It has full input connections that other competitors don't have, like an additional slot and a microSD card slot. This is useful when you want to play tracks that you have saved on your memory card or connected to your music player.


    On the right side there are 4 buttons and an LED display. A total power of 4W + 4W RMS is mounted behind the small holes. Dual front speaker with passive radiator. It has a lower-power Class G amplifier that delivers up to 6W per channel and powers the speakers with low distortion.


    With such powerful speakers, we expect vibrations from the portable speaker. To counteract this, Edifier actually uses a simple solution, which is foam padding. Not only does it absorb vibration, but it also provides a better grip on whatever surface you place the portable speaker on.


    Sound quality
    Play songs via Bluetooth, AUX and microSD card. Latency is very low when playing via bluetooth thanks to the stable bluetooth V5.0.



    The two passive radiator full-range speakers are reproduced in stereo with clear highs and incredibly strong bass. The sound is clean throughout the entire frequency range, especially the bass and mids. It can be very loud, but the distortion of the sound is quite low, even up to 80%.


    The soundstage is excellent, which creates a reasonable width. He was able to fill a small classroom with no problems.


    The Edifier MP120 is equipped with a massive 2200 mAh battery that provides up to 19 hours of music playback on a single charge. You can check the battery level by pressing the power button twice. The percentage is displayed aloud.



    In our test with 40% volume via AUX, it took 23 hours with 10% battery remaining. Of course, the battery life would be different if we turned up the volume.


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