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  • EDIFIER TWSNB2 Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review
    Time: Oct. 19, 2020

    We didn't expect Edifier to introduce the successor to the fantastic TWS NB headphones so quickly. We recently reviewed the first iteration with minor complaints like average battery life, bulky design, and an uninspired app.


    And while I can't say much has changed with the app, Edifier has clearly listened to the buds themselves. With an all-new design, improved active noise cancellation, longer battery life, and even more features, Edifier has clearly heard the criticism.


    EDIFIER TWSNB2 Wireless gaming earbuds have it all, that's right.



    Edifier did not repeat the original design. They blew it up and started over. If Edifier had decided to rename these buds for something other than the NB line, it would have been nice as these buds don't look like their predecessors. The case is completely different, as is the shape of the shoots themselves.


    I know the golf jersey look is not popular with everyone, but it does serve a purpose. Call quality improves thanks to the better position of the microphones and gives the headphones more room for a larger battery. And if you choose the golf tee, I think Edifier made it to be stylish.


    The case looks pretty as expected with its rounded polygon shape, hinged cover, and magnetic charging points that hold the earbuds in place. But Edifier gave the solid ensemble a nice finishing touch with a comfortable-touch faux leather exterior. Even the completely unnecessary drawstring pocket feels great. This is not your typical nylon, but a high quality woven canvas.


    Let's talk about active noise cancellation first. The ANC in the original headings was correct but was completely based on advance technology. This means that the heads analyzed and muffled outside noise, but couldn't tell how good they were. On the NB2s, Edifier added a second pair of microphones to the headphones so they could better respond to noise when listening to what was still happening. This is known as Hybrid ANC and is common in high-end headphones, which typically cost twice what Edifier charges.


    The result is noise cancellation that has been significantly improved over the original and competes very well with other hybrid ANC systems, but still does not match the sound-damping power of the big boys like Sony. WF-1000XM3, Technics TWS, AZ70, Apple AirPods. Pro or Sennheiser Momentum 2s. But these four headphones cost at least twice as much as the Edifier NB2 headphones and as such the quality of the ANC offered for the price makes them leaders in their class.


    Edifier also added a proximity sensor that pauses music when you remove a button from your ear and picks it up when you put it back on. It works well.


    The quality of the ANCs offered for the price makes them leaders in their class.


    The little physical buttons on the original NBs have been replaced by two touch sensors on each button and overall they are ... fine. You can't control the volume or assign them to your own specifications, but they work fine. All commands require at least a double tap. This is a design option to avoid accidental bumps. However, some of the touch functions require a long press which doesn't really take that long, and I accidentally started Game Mode and accidentally turned ANC on and off just by recording it. However, you can change the sensitivity of these functions, which I did and that problem is gone.



    Battery life
    The NB2 changes from 5 hours of playing originals with ANC active to 8 hours per charge. In our tests, they actually lasted a little longer with ANC active at 8.5 hours.


    With the ANC turned off, the original NBs could play for 11 hours before needing to be charged. Unfortunately, the NB2s are only designed for a 9 hour lifespan.


    Sound insulation is very good and you probably don't need ANC to be active. 9.5 hours is still very impressive. It's strange to see a regression here. Still, let's clarify that the battery performance here is very impressive and well above average.

    You can charge an additional 18 hours when the ANC is on and an additional 23 hours when the charging case is off.


    Audio quality
    Edifier did a very good job with their original NBs when it comes to sound quality and I am pleased to report that this is still the case with the NB2s. These have a surprising amount of bass. You won't chatter your teeth, but you can absolutely hear and enjoy these lows.


    Overall, the sound quality is warm and accessible. They don't sound as good as the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, Jabra Elite 75t, or Sony WF-1000XM3, but I prefer the sound quality to Apple AirPods Pro. The TB2 TWS are cheaper than these four earbuds, though, and most are well spaced. Here are many of the best sound headphones you can get for the price.


    Call quality
    As mentioned earlier, the golf tee shape of these shoots tends to affect the quality of the call. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the Edifier TWS NB2 headphones. They sound great, but the more you talk, the more you talk, the more distant and difficult your voice.


    You can hear the other end of the line very clearly, but it didn't work as well as I expected the voice to do. They are usable but not up to the class.


    Although the Edifier NB2 has an ambient mode that allows you to hear your own voice during a call, I wish it were a little better. You can hear noise from outside, but the volume is not as high as I would like.


    In summary
    Edifier solved almost every complaint we had with the original TWS NB earbuds and did everything possible to add more features and improve battery life. The point is, it seems that we have obtained these improvements at the expense of others.


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