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  • Finally HomeKit coming to LifeSmart
    Time: Oct. 6, 2019

    LifeSmart, a company that many of our readers may not be familiar with, has been manufacturing smart home products for some time. When we had some of their devices for the first time, they were compatible with HomeKit, although they were not official. using beta software in its own LifeSmart application. This feature has finally been removed. All those who bought their products expected to benefit from HomeKit support, high and dry. Only users who previously configured everything before the beta version of the software could continue using their products with HomeKit.

    After what seemed impossible, LifeSmart has completed the certification and is now officially compatible with HomeKit. Many of your devices need your Smart Station or Smart Station Pro, which, like other companies that use bridges or bridges, is the gateway to your devices to contact HomeKit.

    Among the many products on offer are motion detectors, perhaps the smallest ones, curtain regulators, leak detectors, smart connectors, smart wall switches, environmental monitors, LifeSmart light bars, lamps and sensors. One of the four devices we have here is the LifeSmart location, which is not only a night light/environment, but also an intelligent infrared transmitter that emulates any infrared remote control. To control your other devices.

    We still don't know if the original devices will work with HomeKit as before, but in official operation or if new versions of these devices will be released, but we hope to hear from LifeSmart about this soon.

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