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  • GameGuru: An illumination map is an interesting addition
    Time: May. 10, 2019

    A lighting map is an interesting addition that, in my opinion, is not used enough in GameGuru Steam CD Key. This is actually an additional step to increase the brightness of your levels.

    The bright lights actually create a kind of rest with the integrated Bloom shader. So, if you turn on the lights and raise the flower, you get the PRINT that emits light.

    Now, in a moment, I wanted to see if I could control the brightness in a lighting map of the GameGuru. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be granularity. I hoped to control the brightness of something. Keep in mind that when using illuminated objects, you must consider all or nothing.

    And if you want the same scene to extend around the lights? Of course, you can light the flower, but only the light shines and it gives the impression that it shines. The real trick is to use a static light map. For example, here I have a simple room with a table and a lamp. The lamp has a static light underneath and should produce a "normal glow in the room".

    If you simply add flowers, your piece will be "more emissive" because it mixes the colors for a more natural effect.

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