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  • Gaming Mechanical Keyboard: Battletron
    Time: May. 11, 2020

    I am pleasantly surprised by this keyboard. It feels very solid and worth the price. Red in the title refers to wiring and possibly lighting. There is also a blue variant. So this is not the type of switch!


    Box front
    There is a field with blue accents, indicating that the keyboard has more blue accents. If you want to buy this keyboard, please make sure there is a fully mechanical keyboard in the box, as the non-mechanical box looks like 2 drops of water in the mechanical box.


    Box contents:
    The keyboard is in a plastic bag and then carefully on a piece of foam. There's even a keycap puller included!



    About the Battletron Gaming Full Mechanical Keyboard:
    The first thing I noticed was the weight, it looks like a decent keyboard. Carefully finished, with no sharp edges or rattle of loose parts.


    There are 4 red lights on the numeric keypad. The one on the left indicates if the digital lock is activated, the second for the caps lock key, the third for the scroll lock, and the fourth shows that the Windows key is locked. Yes indeed. Convenient to avoid going back to your desk while reading. Press the FN + Windows key to lock the key. Again to unlock it again.


    With FN + 1 to 8, you can define different lights for different types of games. It's not in the manual, but knowing it can be helpful.


    That's all ... well, a keyboard isn't that complicated, of course, but the game modes are noteworthy in my opinion. Not all the combinations it contains work, but it may have something to do with Windows 7. Maybe it works better in Windows 10? The functions are not listed as child options on the function keys, so you have to remember the combinations which is a little annoying.


    Personally, I think the font is the smallest of the keyboard. The letters are a little awkward and thick and therefore seem to scream a bit. It is exactly the same font as on my Mantistek GK2 keyboard. The MeToo keyboard has a much narrower font that I like much more.


    It is difficult to judge the ergonomics of a keyboard because it is so personal. The main disadvantage of mechanical keyboards compared to the rubber dome is the height of the keys. A keyboard will soon be 3.5 to 4.5 centimeters thick and not comfortable for everyone.



    BSUN Box Blue Switches
    Now the most important thing about a mechanical keyboard. What switches are included? This keyboard has BSUN switches that resemble a Kailh Box Blue switch clone as they are built with a box around the stylus. For Kailh, this would mean that the card could be IP56 certified.


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