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  • How to make a Christmas tree on the wall?
    Time: Nov. 22, 2019

    If you don't have room for a traditional Christmas tree, you can build a Christmas tree on the wall! A Christmas tree on the wall is a very smart way to have a Christmas tree in your home without having the maximum. These are the different methods that I used to make wall Christmas trees as a reference.

    1. Alternative to the Christmas tree - this walled tree uses real fir branches or a pine wreath. It looks like a real tree on your wall and is very easy to install!

    2. DIY Wall-Mounted Copper Christmas Tree - If you want to mix things up a bit, then this idea is for you. Use colorful copper piping with simple decorations to make a Christmas tree look on the wall. I really like this. The copper piping is just gorgeous and the use of favorite ornaments in a small space for festive decor just makes me happy.

    3. Christmas wall decoration - paint a complete Christmas scene on your wall with slate paint! It's amazing what you can do with a vertical space and a little color, right?

    4. Wall Photo Christmas Tree - First use some lengths of wood, use nails to assemble them into a Christmas tree, and fix them on the wall. Then hang your favorite photos on the tree shackles, and some small decorations, which makes sense, isn't it?

    5. Wall Mounted Christmas Tree - If you are interested in a wall Christmas tree that really looks like a traditional Christmas tree, then this tutorial is for you. You can use the Christmas tree's making materials, award them to the wall like a Christmas tree, and then hang everything you want to hang on, It even has a 3-Dimension feel. This is a Christmas tree, isn't it?

    6. DIY Lights for Christmas Tree - If you have enough DIY Quantum Lights, then you can totally easily make this Wall Christmas tree. Just install the DIY Quantum Lights on the wall as the Christmas tree looks like. We found a perfect diy lights for Christmas tree on bzfuture.

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