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  • How to protect your Windows 10 PC from ransomware?
    Time: Nov. 19, 2019

    The Windows 10 Case Creators update includes a surprising new feature: protect folders against Ransomware.

    Ransomware is ubiquitous these days and it was almost impossible to stop it. Microsoft believes that this could be the solution and, therefore, has added a new feature to Windows Defender in the Windows 10 Case Creators update to prevent the proliferation of malware from reaching more victims.

    The folder controlled access function prevents programs from making changes to files or folders that are considered protected. By default, this includes Windows system folders, documents, images, videos, music, favorites and desktop folders for each user.

    You can make exclusions for specific applications, add folders and enable or disable controlled access to folders by doing the following.

    1. Open the Windows Defender Security Center.
    2. Click on the menu item Protection against viruses and threats.
    3. In this option, click Antivirus settings and threat protection.

    4. Scroll to the fourth entry in the list that appears: Controlled access to folders. Set the button to On.

    Once enabled, options to select folders and allow app exclusions appear under the Shift key. Click on it if you want to make changes.

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