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  • Introduced Xiaomi AutoFull Sports Car Design Gaming Chair
    Time: Jan. 2, 2020

    In combination with Autofull, Xiaomi launched a sports chair for game lovers. This gaming chair is made of high quality cowhide and meets dynamic standards to provide comfort in use.

    Recently, China officially recognized sport as a profession. As with other professions, there are necessary accessories for comfort. The gaming industry is no exception, as it has a comfortable gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse and even gaming chairs.

    Leather seats are inspired by the design of sports seats. This is evident both in the characteristic upper part with integrated headrest and in the pronounced lateral support: all this should provide comfort to the player during long gaming sessions.

    The seat has been designed with curvature and dynamic standards to provide players with greater seat comfort. Even the headrest is equipped with a pillow of considerable thickness and size to increase comfort.

    The chair covers are made of high quality cowhide and are not hot when used for a long time. The same layer of cowhide is worn on the back. The inner packaging is made of durable cotton that optimally distributes the user's weight. The chair is made of 45D high density cotton and provides a pleasant and soft seating sensation. High density cotton also ensures that hip pressure is distributed scientifically.

    Seat cushions do not collapse when used for a long time. The Autofull gaming chair is also equipped with a 4D professional electronic sports armrest. The armrests are equipped with adjustable armrests, the height of the cushion and the backrest are also adjustable. The backrest can be adjusted like the seats of sports cars. The height can also go up and down. There are also static and flexible PU wheels that allow you to move the chair easily without leaving traces on the floor.

    If you want to know more about the autofull gaming chair, please follow BZFuture.

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