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  • Is it necessary to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10?
    Time: Jul. 25, 2019

    Nowadays, Windows 10 seems to be the mainstream, and Windows 7 has to withdraw from people's horizons. However, do we really need to update to Windows 10?

    Software updates are inevitable as the world changes, new hardware technologies develop, new features are needed to face new circumstances and new threats require new protection mechanisms. This is true for any operating system in the rapidly changing consumer world.

    So far, every three years, Microsoft has been offering Windows updates on the fly, disrupting its current behavior. It was even worse for companies with tens of thousands of personal computers. It can take 18 months to plan a migration and 18 months to introduce it. The compatibility of the programs had to be tested and the staff sometimes had to be recycled. Users have skipped versions to save money and avoid interruptions, although this may make the next update even more difficult.

    As a result, hundreds of millions of Windows users with less functional and less secure versions of Windows, with less than 10 years, failed to continue. It also affected third-party software because programmers could not use the new features.

    With windows 10 licence online, Microsoft has solved all these problems by moving to a continuous development system. Instead of performing a major update every three years, you receive minor updates every six months, all of them free. There will be fewer problems and, at some point, everyone will use the same current, safer and better version of Windows.

    Microsoft's "new" approach to win10 software, of course, has only surpassed the competition. If you buy an Apple product, a smartphone or an Android tablet, you will receive free updates whenever the device is compatible or, in the case of Android, provided that the manufacturer of the device takes the trouble to deliver them.

    In short, in the context of society, the necessary software upgrades are inevitable. This will also make your work easier.

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