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  • Is it Safe to Use Avast Secureline?
    Time: Jun. 10, 2020

    According to a survey of the motherboard and PC Mag, the security brand Avast used its antivirus software to collect personal information about the user. The news came only a few weeks after stopping the collection of browser plugin information.


    Avast has informed us that no information has been collected for its Secureline VPN product, although users with Avast privacy should be aware of the latest news.


    Avast is not alone in selling user data, but its methods are under review after this latest survey.


    Is it safe to use Avast Secureline?
    Avast Secureline is a VPN product from the same company. It promises, like all VPNs, to keep your data private and hide your identity online. Many VPN users would be horrified to think that their data is collected in one way or another. It's a practice we've seen with free VPNs, but since Secureline is a paid product, users don't expect their information to be saved.


    Secureline customers are undoubtedly concerned by the news that Avast is collecting information, but we have seen no evidence that the company uses the same practices as Secureline. All available information has shown that although the browser plug-in and antivirus software have been used to collect information, there is no suggestion that Secureline is included in this list.


    How can I protect my data?
    In its report, Motherboard spoke to users of Avast antivirus software and found that many of them did not know that their data was being collected. History is a good reminder to stay tuned and review the permissions you have given to your software vendor to make sure you are satisfied with the information it actively collects about you.


    There are many websites and software that collect your data, and there is a reason. Money. A profile of you as an individual, your preferences, dislikes, spending habits, etc. It is invaluable for companies with a lot of money.


    To protect your identity, especially during the week when the data protection day ends, you should take a few minutes to review what you are giving, even if you think your information is secure. So, check your profiles, remove the right to collect information or attract advertising if you are not satisfied, and take control of your person online.


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