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  • Is Mouse Motospeed V30 the best gaming mouse?
    Time: Sep. 19, 2019

    Check out this review of Motospeed V30, one of the best entry-level mice in the international market.

    Motospeed has taken a fast foot in Brazil. One of the main recommendations of the group is the Motospeed V30, a mouse of proven quality that you can buy in the bzfuture online store at an incredible price of 33.99 EUR. In this test, we will learn more about the Motospeed V30 and see if it really is a good option.

    The Motospeed V30 base is made of plain plastic. The sides that hold the handle are made of a different plastic material, with a texture stamped on the leather and improving the grip of the fingers. The upper case and buttons are made of matt plastic. basically all the rest of the mouse. To help product lighting, translucent plastic assembles details and rolls when acrylic is used.

    The mouse has a universal plug, which means you can use it without ergonomic problems, whether you have the palm of your hand, a claw or a finger, either left or right handed. The only problem someone might have with the mouse about it is that their hand is too big and their grip is heavy. However, it would still be possible to use the V30. The macro buttons are well positioned so that the fingers of a left or right hand cannot involuntarily click on it.

    In general, the material of the Motospeed V30 is good. However, the opaque plastic of the mouse in which it holds the fingers is visibly dirty and leaves fingerprints in a few hours.

    The Motospeed gaming mouse is an excellent software to use, it is very easy to use and very intuitive. Everything is well organized. The only problem is that you should always click on the "Apply" button for the changes to take effect.

    The acceleration in the Motospeed V30 is almost zero, which has a low negative value, which is not a problem and certainly not enough to hurt you in a match.

    The results obtained with Motospeed V30 are convincing, but there are also people who complain about the low maximum follow-up rate in the 1000 Hz range, which is generally higher in other mice. Even the Xornet II, which uses the same sensor, can reach a speed of 4 m/s, which indicates a poor Motospeed implementation.

    The use of Motospeed V30 was excellent, the mouse provides the basic elements that any player could need. I had fun playing games ranging from casual games like Watch Dogs 2 to competitive games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Honestly, I liked the Motospeed V30 so much that I even wanted to buy one.

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