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  • Kaspersky can keep users' data safety online
    Time: Feb. 14, 2020

    For International Privacy Day, Kaspersky experts examined the data protection risks and typical cyber threats to which users of their consumer products are exposed. In fact, 85% of Kaspersky Security Cloud users worldwide have used the account verification feature on mobile devices and have found that their email addresses are in the public domain due to data breaches and the like. Recent data protection incidents were once. However, this is certainly not the time to panic, as cybersecurity and digital hygiene products can help consumers protect their digital data.

    Modern technologies have brought us a lot of benefits, from video streaming and flexible work to pairing for dating applications. Services such as Facebook, Tinder and even Netflix require users to provide a variety of personal information, and it is estimated that the total amount of data used online will reach 44 zettabytes this year. To continue benefiting from these services, it is important that users understand the potential risks that affect their privacy and add layers of protection to maintain them.

    Technology has improved online communication and continues to build a closer and more integrated world. While ordinary consumers take advantage of the open opportunities offered and appreciated by these new technologies, it is still important to proactively protect the personal data on which this technology is based. Today, there are many tactics to evaluate people's personal information, such as password theft or phishing. However, there are some simple steps that anyone can take to protect their digital privacy.

    To protect confidential information from data protection threats and ensure the security of personal data, Kaspersky recommends:

    * Avoid suspicious links or applications. If you have shared a link or document from an unknown source or are unsure of what it may contain, contact the sender.

    * Stay alert when using the Internet by carefully reading links and service agreements. Use only certified and secure programs and websites.

    * Keep your Internet security services updated by installing the latest patches and product updates. In this way, your device remains protected from the latest threats.

    * Start using Privacy Checker, an online tool designed to help people securely set up their social media accounts.

    * Install a reliable security solution such as Kaspersky Security Cloud that can protect your account information and warn you if your personal information is compromised.

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