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  • Kaspersky updates Kaspersky Security Cloud
    Time: Sep. 17, 2019

    Protecting your computer is especially important today in the face of cybercriminals. Kaspersky antivirus internet security is a very secure virus prevention and operating system software that protects your computer from viruses.

    At present, Kaspersky has announced that it has updated it’s Kaspersky Security Cloud.

    According to the company, the security cloud gives consumers access to technology, tools and new ways to protect user privacy on multiple devices, but also reduces the risk of compromising user privacy when running applications on Android devices. Special authorizations are required. In addition, users are aware of phishing attempts that are hidden behind abbreviated links to websites.

    According to Kaspersky's report: the true value of digital privacy: do consumers sell short? - Consumers are increasingly protecting their digital data by examining the configuration of their devices and the applications they use.

    "For modern users, it is not enough to secure their device," says Marina Titova, director of marketing of consumer products at Kaspersky. "Cybercriminals are increasingly interested in receiving personal information about a particular person, be it financial information or the history of their investigation."

    "The disclosure of this type of information can be potentially harmful to the owner, so the issue of digital privacy is of paramount importance: we have updated Kaspersky Security Cloud to improve their control over personal information, whatever the device you use, we help consumers protect their personal information on several devices. "

    Kaspersky has not only updated the security cloud, but has also improved the user interface and key features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security. This update is intended to improve performance and overall user experience.

    Kaspersky 2018 Internet Security 3 PC 1 YEAR EU with Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can better protect your computer and privacy.

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