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  • Learn to Use Office 2016 Deployment Tool and Customize Office 2016
    Time: Aug. 7, 2019

    Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global Deployment Tool is a command line tool that installs Microsoft Office. The main reason to use this tool is the flexibility you get when you install Office products. With this tool, you can modify the configuration parameters according to your wishes. You also have full control over many settings, such as language, editing, components that you want to exclude from installation and more.

    * Download and install Office 2016 deployment tool

    First, download the Office 2016 Deployment Tool from the Microsoft Download Center. Then extract the content and you will see two files: an executable file called "setup.exe" and a configuration file called "configuration.xml".

    Edit this configuration file and then run the setup.exe file to customize your installation. Use the latest version first. If you have an earlier version, uninstall it and download the latest version of the deployment tool.

    * Use the Office 2016 deployment tool

    You can edit the configuration file to customize your installation.

    * Change the language

    The default Office language is English. Of course, this could be a problem for users who do not speak English, as they would like to customize it in their own language. Although you can install a language pack, it may not always work well for you. A better option is to use the Office 2016 Deployment Tools configuration file.

    * Choice of 32-bit or 64-bit version

    You can use the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on the configuration of your system.

    If you need a 64-bit edition, replace 32 with 64, and the Office 2016 Deployment Tool will do the rest.

    * Customize your viewing options

    Do you want to have a user interface when installing Office? You can specify it with a tag called . Take one of two values: "none" and "complete." If you select None, no user interface is displayed during installation, while the Full option shows the user interface.

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