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  • LifeSmart Announce HomeKit compatibility For Updated Cololight
    Time: Dec. 27, 2019

    With the official launch of the popular Aqara line on Amazon, this is probably not the best time to publish your own news. However, that didn't stop LifeSmart from posting an update in its Twitter feed. The lighting product is now officially compatible with HomeKit. We previously discussed this at IFA Berlin in July and unofficially discovered that the company will release an updated version of Cololight that is specifically compatible with HomeKit.

    The Cololight essentially resembles the modular lighting offerings of LiFX and Nanoleaf, but is much smaller. Each hexagonal tile has a diameter of only 9mm and is the widest. A typical startup package contains a single main tile and two other secondary tiles, a USB power cable and a support.

    Cololight connects to your WiFi network, so LifeSmart Smart Station, unlike some devices such as motion sensors and lights, is not necessary. There is a dedicated application for the device, although the same controls are also available in the main LifeSmart application.

    This original model, which still seems to be the only version available, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but of course not with HomeKit. However, if you are like us and you have the original device with some sub-tiles, the good news is that once the new version of Cololight is available, you just need to replace the main tile, which is the corresponding part compatible with HomeKit. All subordinate tiles work with the new main tile as before. The biggest physical difference between the old model and the new version is really just the state.

    As with other products such as Cololight, a variety of color options and special color effects are available. However, many of them are generally limited to the specific application. The HomeKit control is limited to flat colors, brightness and, of course, activation and deactivation. This is more than likely the case with the HomeKit version of Cololight, but we are anxiously waiting for a "mini" alternative for the biggest parents of LiFX and Nanoleaf.

    Lifesmart quantum light is available on, welcome to experience the diy fun.

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