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  • LifeSmart Announces New Quantum Light Modular Lighting System
    Time: Oct. 24, 2019

    The Chinese smart home company LifeSmart has released a new YouTube video that shows the latest technology, in the form of a modular lighting system similar in shape and functionality to Nanoleaf Aurora, although on a smaller scale.

    For those who are not familiar with LifeSmart, there are a number of smart devices, including air purifiers, locks, motion detectors and cameras, as well as many other products. You will know that the concentrators and the IR Smartlight / IR Nightlight chip were even unofficially compatible with HomeKit at the time of the review.

    This was achieved through a beta application that generated a HomeKit code for one of its centers and allows you to import many (but not all) devices into HomeKit and the Home application.

    Now you have removed this software, probably according to Apple's instructions. If you have not set up a HomeKit Center yet, new users will not be able to log in to HomeKit. This brings us to this device. This is probably not compatible with HomeKit, unless it is one of those whose hub is still connected to HomeKit!

    LifeSmart has already launched the complementary iOS application with dedicated versions for iPad and iPhone, called Quantum.

    Assuming that LifeSmart enters the software authentication path or simply updates its application to be compatible with Siri's new shortcuts, I suppose smart quantum light will definitely fit in many homes at the best price.

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