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  • LifeSmart Cololight: Modular lighting system
    Time: Jun. 19, 2020

    I want to give you all the details about the little smart light. It is a modular lighting package, as you know from Nanoleaf. However, you cannot compare the two products. While I have glued 13 Nanoleaf triangles to the wall, the Cololight is best suited as decorative lighting for the sideboard.



    The LifeSmart Cololight consists of hexagonal light modules that can be connected together with a plug on each side. Important to know: A base can accommodate a maximum of 16 light modules, because the most distant module can have a maximum of 4 light modules from the base. A module is relatively small and measured at its widest points, 86 millimeters wide and 74.5 conductors high. The modules are relatively thick, that is, 30.5 millimeters.


    The treatment could not be simpler. Everything here is made of pure plastic. The base too. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be of high quality. Installation is quick. One module must be connected to the basic connection and connected via USB, the other modules are connected through the connections. The module with the basic connection can be placed on the base.



    You must first register with the associated Cololight application, then remote access is also possible. The app itself is very simple: with a swipe to the right or left, you can choose between effects. With a swipe up or down, there are several color options for the selected effect. Optionally, you can choose from many other models in the configuration. Light animation can be done from top to bottom, circle, diagonal and more. A connection to Alexa and Google is available, so you can also define colors by voice. The skills are not yet available.


    Automation can be created in the app. In this way, you can define the hours and days that LifeSmart Cololight should be turned on and off. There is also an on-board timer, which turns off the light after a while. If you want, you can also activate the microphones on the iPhone so that the light dances in the music.



    Unfortunately, LifeSmart Cololight does not display colors as well as it is used to with other lighting systems. With some colors, you can even see individual LEDs, I would call poor color rendering, especially with green and blue, no rich color rendering. It's a shame, of course, because the emphasis here is on light.


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