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  • LifeSmart HomeKit Support Returns to LifeSmart App
    Time: Dec. 5, 2019

    As an update of previous LifeSmart reports, in which many devices were receiving official HomeKit support through the Smart Station and Smart Station Pro hubs / bridges, the company has now updated the LifeSmart application, which - like other applications from HomeKit, has been updated. Third-party applications: authorization is required to "access your personal data".

    When LifeSmart began adding unofficial support to HomeKit through its bridges, this was not the case. Only part of the application called "HomeKit Beta" was used to generate a HomeKit code to add your bridge to HomeKit. This worked well, although the personal application clearly states that the added device is not certified. This beta version was eventually removed, although those who exploited it could still use their LifeSmart concentrators and devices associated with HomeKit, unless they reset it.

    However, support is officially available again with the latest update. This is expected when LifeSmart starts selling smart stations and children's devices labeled "Works With HomeKit."

    In my particular case, since the Smart Station has already been added unofficially before, I only receive a notification about the accessories that have already been added, and it would be tempting to remove and add the Smart Station again when it did The devices that have not yet They are officially supported do not compromise this additional feature to prove something that already works.

    If you already have the LifeSmart smart station and want to add it to HomeKit, follow these simple instructions:

    In the LifeSmart application, click on the LifeSmart logo at the top to display the drop-down menu. Then choose General> Advanced Settings> Add smart device. There must be the "Add from HomeKit" option. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

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