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  • LifeSmart Update Website With Official HomeKit Devices
    Time: May. 27, 2020

    LifeSmart, a China-based company, has been around for some time and around 2017, some of its devices were advertised as HomeKit compatible, but through its Smart Station hub, which contained the usual range of products such as door sensors, windows, environmental sensors, light switches, light strips and bulbs. The only problem was that the hub was not Apple certified, so it relied on small software in the company's application to generate a HomeKit code for the bridge mentioned above. This part of the app's beta app finally disappeared with rumors that Apple had insisted on removing it.


    Fast forward to 2019, and it looks like LifeSmart has been legitimized, as mentioned several times, and has been officially certified as HomeKit compliant for a variety of its products.



    This great list of products includes LifeSmart Smart Station and Smart Station Pro. The two hubs / bridges connect to your network via Ethernet, then communicate with several of your devices using a 433 MHz RF protocol, similar to what Lutron does. use for your bridge. The two smart stations can connect up to 500 devices.



    Four wired smart switches, including Starry, Stellar, Blend, and the latest model, simply referred to the LifeSmart Smart Switch due to its dimensions as the LifeSmart Smart Switch.


    Lighting products include the Blend Smart Light Bulb, which we briefly discussed at the beginning of the website, and the Blend Light Strip. The mixed bulb is also supplied in a Bluetooth version, which does not require a hub, but does not connect to HomeKit.


    Two motion detectors, the "Cube" version is essentially one of the smallest on the market with a CR2450 battery, and the ordinary motion detector with AAA batteries. The Cube environment sensor, also with a small LCD screen, displays humidity and temperature.



    A door / window sensor and a water leak sensor. and finally a smart plug, smart outlet, and two switch modules, one labeled "Pro," which is designed for use with 1,2 and 3-way switches.


    LifeSmart manufactures many other products that are currently not compatible with HomeKit, including locks, curtain controls, an infrared / night light blaster, a human presence sensor, a switch with a built-in motion sensor, and some cameras. The company is already in an excellent position to take on Xiaomi when it comes to a complete smart home solution. Exciting moments!


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