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  • Microsoft Ditches Passwords In New Version Of Windows 10
    Time: Nov. 29, 2019

    Password is a major problem for most computer users.Simple passwords are easily hacked, complicated passwords are hard to remember, which it wears people out mentally, In addition to this, hacks and breaches are always exposing them. This means that they must be changed again and again, which makes them harder to remember.

    Microsoft wants to reduce this burden, even if it's possible with a single password. The company has just released a new version of Windows 10, which divides the login password in favor of not so troublesome alternatives. You can register with your fingerprint, your face or your PIN.

    To be clear, there is a difference in this two version,which is that in this new version, you do not need to set a password first, then change to one of the other options. This step has been deleted. In the new version, simply touch a notification on your phone to authorize your account.

    This change of Microsoft, i believe that it is very much loved for most people. For me, i really like this change. This can remove a lot of trouble for me, but also greatly increased the security of the computer. Looking forward to Microsoft's next change.

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